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Installation views, Sweet Lies. Rethinking Identity, Ludwig Forum Aachen  © Photos: Simon Vogel

Gender denotes the social sex and its societal coding. Individuals who are read as men often are expected to be tough and good leaders, while women are supposed to be caring, friendly, and yielding. Usually, this is accompanied by the notion of Heteronormativity. But what happens when these stereotypical categorizations do not apply? Especially since social sex and biological sex of a person do not necessarily have to align.

The idea of a fixed binary gender identity is widespread. However, the assumption that gender depends solely on X or Y chromosomes is now considered outdated in biology. Although variations of these chromosomes are rare, it has become evident that there is a greater diversity of sexes on a physico-morphological level. Nowadays, the debate on gender and sexuality has reached mainstream society. It is sometimes met with hostility but also accompanied by change and hope.

Jo Baer

Vertical Flanking Diptych (Large, Orange), 1966/1967

Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt

A Rite of Passage: The Leprechaun (a Mischievous Irish Fairy) and the Puerto Rican Prince, 1974–1985


Jubilate Agno, 2021