Raphael Weilguni & Viola Relle

* 1989 in Augsburg, Germany
lives and works in Munich, Germany

* 1992 in Odessa, Ukraine
lives and works in Munich, Germany 

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As a contemporary position, the duo of Raphael Weilguni and Viola Relle respond to the work of Robert Morris by examining the body and its composition in the form of delicate ceramic body casts. Weilguni and Relle took plaster casts of various body parts from different people. They then molded them in clay and reassembled them. These body casts loll on the floor of the Ludwig Forum, while others stretch out toward the sun. They are inhabited by many persons, thus suspending both Gender and the function of the body. Weilguni and Relle offer a playful analogy to Morris that makes us aware of the fragmentation of the self.

in dialogue with

Robert Morris

Untitled, 1978